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Mehcanical Engineering covers a huge variety of topics: fluid dynamics, machine design, piping systems, ventilation systems, pollution control systems, dust control systems, and feasibility studies to name a few. Here is a small sampling of projects on which Keith D. Robinson, P.E. has worked.

Safety Shower System

A cement plant added an ammonia scrubber system to removed pollutants from their stack. With the addition of the ammonia, a safety shower system was required at locations where there was a potential exposure to ammonia. Each location used a combination safety shower/eyewash station. The system presented an unique challenge in that the elevations of the safety showers ranged from grade level to 135' above grade.

Ventilation System CFD Analysis

A small building contained pumps, piping, and a tank of caustic. The existing ventilation system consisted of a wall mounted louver with roof mounted exhaust fans. A CFD study was performed to determine the effectiveness of the existing system in removing caustic vapors from the room. The results of the CFD study led to a redesign of the ventilation system to ensure that the hazardous vapors were successfully controlled.


A company used wands to transfer solvents from barrels but had a problem with spills and drainage from the wands after use. CFD software was used to develop a design for a custom LEV hood that would hold the wand and contain spills from the wand and the associated vapors. A complete set of performance curves were developed for the wand which allowed for correct fan sizing.  

Industrial Ventilation System Analysis and Expansion

A pharmaceutical company had an existing industrial ventilation system that provided vapor capture for several vessels. While the system perofrmance was satisfactory, the addition of a new vessel required expansion of the system. The existing duct system, fan, and HEPA filtration was modeled to determine the operating state. This model was then used to investigate the impact of the proposed system changes. Once the system changes were finalized, construction drawings were developed.

Hydrated Lime Injection Pollution Control System

Hydrated lime (calcium hydroxide) was being injected into the exhaust stream fro a glass melting furnace at a bottle manufacturing plant. The reaction of the lime with the exhaust gases removed SOx compounds from the gas stream and reduced the amount of pollutants being emitted by the furnace. Unfortunately the hydrated lime was clumping in the piping and clogging the pipe feeding the furnace. A detailed analysis of the system found that a combination of carbon dioxide in the system, condensation within the system, and insufficient transport velocity was the likely cause of the clumping problems.

Air Cooler Plume Recirculation Study

A large air cooler array at a gas turbine power plant was suffering from a substantial performance shortfall which limited the amount of power which could be produced. The performance shortfall was created by hot air exiting the top of the cooler array and then recirculating around the coolers and entering the cooler fans under the units. This hot entering air reduced the temperature differential across the heat exchangers and, as a result, the amount of heat transfer. Several solutions were proposed to decrease the recirculation and a CFD study was performed to determine the effectiveness of several of the proposed solution. The analysis showed that the primary proposed solution provided very little improvement and that the secondary solution was substantially more effective at reducing plume recirculation.

Industrial Ventilation System Design

A tool manufacturer had several ovens in their metal treating area that required an industrial ventilation system to capture fugitive smoke emissions and excess heat from the ovens. A new industrial ventilation system was designed that provided local capture hoods at each oven and then ducted the smoke and fumes to a three parallel filter units before being vented through a rooftop stack.

Steel Furnace Exhaust System Analysis

A large steel company melted scrap steel to produce rebar and large amounts of smoke and fume filled the building. A CFD study was performed to evaluate the existing exhaust system as well as the proposed new design.


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